Brevard awarded $24.5 Million for Ecusta Trail

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Brevard awarded $24.5 million for Ecusta Trail

In a significant development for the state of North Carolina and Brevard, Senator Tom Tillis announced the Department of Transporation’s approval of a federal grant for the city of Brevard. The $24,559,469 grant has been awarded for the Ecusta Trial pedestrian path project, which aims to establish a vital connection between Hendersonville and Brevard.

The Ecusta Trail project holds great promise for North Carolina’s transportation infrastructure. Senator Tillis expressed his optimism, stating that these grants will significantly improve the safety and connectivity of transportation systems across the state. With an estimated total construction cost of at least $53,530,111, the 18.8-mile Ecusta Trail will serve as a crucial pathway, benefitting both Henderson and Transylvania counties.

“These RAISE grants are a big win for North Carolina as the transportation projects will enhance the safety and connectivity of transportation systems in communities across the state,” Senator Tillis said in a news release.

The Ecusta Trail, when complete, will be a 19.4 mile, multi-use greenway along an unused railway corridor (‘rail-trail’) connecting Hendersonville and Brevard. This ‘linear park’ will beckon people of all ages and abilities to reach destinations by walking, running, biking and wheelchair. The rail line meanders through fields and forests, beside streams, pastures and country churches, offering a picture-book walk through a life nurtured and cradled in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

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The Friends of Ecusta Trail is a nonprofit working with Conserving Carolina and local governments to bring the trail to fruition. Their website features valuable information about the trail, including its cost, its economic impact, and ways to donate and volunteer. For more information on how to help and more about Friends of the Ecusta Trail , please visit

News Source: Transylvania Times



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