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Buyer resource, relocation information for Brevard NC.  Moving can be a stressful time, let me help make things a little easier for you. I have put together a list of contact information needed for your big move here to Brevard and Transylvania County, The land of Waterfalls.

Cable TV – Dish #888-926-1029 website.
-Direct TV #866-319-9838 website.
-Comporium #828-884-9011 website.
Driver’s License – #828-883-2070 website.
Electricity – Duke Energy #800-777-9898 website.
Gas – PSNC Energy #877-776-2427 website.
Internet Service – Comporium #828-884-9011 website.
-Direct TV #866-319-9838 website.
License Plates – #828-883-3251 website.
Phone Service – Centurylink #800-366-8201 website.
– Comporium #828-884-9011 website.
-Direct TV #866-319-9838 website.
School’s – Transylvania County School District #828-884-6173
Water, Trash, Recycle – City of Brevard #828-885-5600 website.

Buyer resource, relocation information for Brevard NC





We have also created a listing of important government related information.  The area code for Transylvania county is 828. Please CLICK HERE for a printable pdf of the information provided below.

Automobile Related
-Driver’s License: 883-2070 or website.  50 Commerce Street, Brevard, NC 28712. Monday – Friday 8:00 – 4:30

As of May, 2012 the following information is accurate: The cost to obtain a North Carolina Driver’s License is $32.00. You can pay with cash or a check with a NC address written on a NC Bank. You will be required to take a test on a computer – you must get 20 of 25 questions correct. Sounds easy enough but it’s probably a good idea to go through the North Carolina rules/laws before taking the test because there are enough NC related questions to mess up a passing grade. You will be given a paper license and mailed a permanent license within 20 days. FYI – If you are conducting business at this DMV office you may also register to vote at the same time.

-Vehicle Tag office: 883-3251 or website.  69 New Hendersonville  Highway Suite 8, Pisgah Forest, NC 28768. Monday – Friday 9:00 – 1:00; 2:00 – 5:00

Before you can obtain a NC vehicle tag you must have a NC drivers license (paper temporary licenses are not accepted). The cost of the tag is based on the Blue Book value of your vehicle. Please note that the City of Brevard will mail you an additional tax bill for people living within the city limits.

Building/Residential Related
-Building Permits and Inspections: 884-3209 or website.
-Septic and Well Permits and Inspections: 884-3139 or application form.
-Street Name/Road Sign Request: 883-3108 extension 1
-Solid Waste and Landfill: 884-6830 or website.
-Soil and Water Conservation: 884-3230 or website.
-Register of Deeds: 884-3261 or website.
-Tax Assessor and Appraisal: 884-3200 or website.

-Blue Ridge Community College: 883-2520 or
-Brevard Academy: 885-2665 or
-Brevard College: 883-8292 or
-Cooperative Extension Services: 884-3109 or website.
-Transylvania School System: 884-6173 or
-Transylvania Vocational Services: 884-3195 or www.tvsinc.0rg

Emergency and Health Related Services
Emergency: 911
-Hospital – Transylvania County: 884-9111 or
-American Red Cross: 884-4530 or website.
-Emergency Management Services: 884-3108 extension 4
-Emergency Medical Services: 884-3108 extension 6
-Emergency Medical Services Bills and Fees: 884-3104 extension 1
-Free Medical Clinic: 883-4452 or
-SAFE (Women’s Shelter): 885-7233

Family and Individual Services
Adult Day Care – KOALA, Inc.: 884-2980 or website.
Birth Certificates: 884-3162
Death Certificates: 884-3162
Food Stamps: 884-3235
Library: 884-3151 or
Marriage Licenses/Records: 884-3162 884-3162 or website.
Social Security Administration: 800-772-1213 or
Social Services: 884-3174  or website.
Veterans Services: 884-3276 or website.
Voter Registration: 884-3114 or website.
WIC (Women, Infants, Children): 884-3242 or

Law Enforcement
City of Brevard Police Department: 883-2212
North Carolina State Highway Patrol: 884-4232 or
State Bureau of Investigation: 800-344-3000
Transylvania County Sheriff’s Office:  884-3169 or website.
Transylvania County CrimeStoppers: 862-7463

Parks and Recreation Department: 884-3156 or website.
Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI): 862-5554 or
Pisgah National Forest Ranger Station: 877-3265
Transylvania Activity Center: 884-3156 – 1078 Ecusta Road, Brevard, NC 28712
Silvermont (Building Reservations): 884-3107 – 346 East Main Street, Brevard, NC 28712

Other Governmental Agencies
Animal Control and Shelter: 883-3713 or website.
Board of County Commissioners: 884-3107 or website.
Brevard City Hall: 884-4123 or
Chamber of Commerce: 883-3700 or
Clerk of Court: 884-3120 or website.
Communications Department: 884-3188 or website.
County Attorney: 884-6575
County Manager: 884-3100
Department of Transportation (Maintenance): 862-4736
Dispute Settlement Center: 877-3815
Finance Department: 884-3104 or website.
Fire Marshall: 884-3235 or 884-3108 extension 5 or website.
Health Department: 884-3135
Human Resources Department: 884-3100 or 884-3227 or website.
Passports: 884-3120
Pisgah Legal Services: 800-489-6144
Planning & Economic Development: 884-3205 or website.
Tax Collector: 884-3197 or website.
Transylvania County Archives and Joint Historic Preservation: 883-5863

Community Service Information Lines
211 = Community Service Information Line
311 = Local Government Services
411 = Directory Assistance
511 = Travel, Traffic & Road Information
611 = Telephone Repair
711 = Relay for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
811 = Call Before You Dig
911 = Emergency: Police, Fire, Ambulance


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