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Deerlake Real Estate

Deerlake Real Estate

Deerlake Village, located inside Brevard’s city limits is a planned community. Aesthetically pleasing, functionally convenient and environmentally-sound, Deerlake real estate attracts residents seeking privacy and security in a beautiful environment. The community is nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Deer Lake real estate offers many options with an elevation of approximately 2200 feet. The community includes 221 lots, approximately 194 private homes, and 20 condominiums with over 350 residents. The 38-acre nature conservancy includes a private lake and several private walking trails. The common elements include a lap swimming pool, a clubhouse, a recreation area with shuffleboard, bocce, horseshoes, badminton, and croquet. Don’t forget about the beautifully landscaped parks for picnicking. strolling, or watching a babbling brook.

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The Deerlake community has three main sections. The Meadows is located in the valley and consists of one-story, easily accessible homes. Streets are flat and easy to navigate. The Cottages are multi-level houses in the foothills. The Mountains are multi-level homes on larger lots winding up Pine Mountain. In addition there are several Lakeside and Creekside homes in Deerlake Village. The Deerlake real estate market is stronger than ever with many properties selling in under 30 days in past months.

Deerlake Village is located in Brevard, NC and is one of the finest areas for people seeking a high quality of life. This means different things to different residents. The commonalities acknowledged by a great majority of residents are beautiful natural surroundings and an attractive neighborhood of warm and friendly people who are considerate of each other and who endeavor to live in harmony with one another. Residents value tranquility, peace and quiet, a safe and healthy community and one that cares about others. These qualities reflect life in Deerlake Village.

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