Congratulations to Billy Harris for his remarkable achievement. Billy was recognized as a Top Agent for Allen Tate/Beverly-Hanks, and a  2023 Power Player.

In a profession where success is measured by numbers, Billy emerged as one of the Top 10 Agents at the firm, boasting an impressive $21,722,640 in sales for the year 2023. Yet, behind these figures lies a story of dedication, gratitude, and unwavering commitment to his clients, his team, and his beloved Brevard community.

Reflecting on his achievement, Billy shares, “I am truly thankful for my clients and their trust in me, and the invaluable support of my team.” It’s this trust that forms the bedrock of his success, a testament to the relationships he has built over years of dedicated service. In the dynamic world of real estate, where transactions can be complex and emotions run high, Billy’s clients have found a reliable partner they can depend on.

As a proud resident of Brevard, Billy’s commitment to his community goes beyond just closing deals. He understands the unique charm and allure of this picturesque town and is passionate about helping others find their place within it. Whether it’s finding the perfect family home, a quaint vacation retreat, or a lucrative investment opportunity, Billy and his team’s expertise and local knowledge make them the go-to real estate agency in Brevard.

Check out the Allen Tate/Beverly-Hanks Power Player Website for all of our Power Players for 2023. You can contact Team Billy Harris at (828) 553-9666 or email [email protected].